Regardind the Reconstruction

of the Paleoastonaut Professzor Kawanishi

Numerous theories have been attached to the Growing City as an architectural and geometric phenomenon. On the basis of the "Big Hump" theory, the London Science Fiction Society considers the construction and its immediate environment to be the ancient landing site of a spacecraft. Other groups of the paleoastronautical persuasion (Von Däniken and his disciples) consider the place to be the memorial commemorating the arrival on Earth of an alien civilisation. After studying aerial shots of the site, Japanese Professor Kawanishi considers the site to be a message from a distant civilisation, the codes of which lie hidden in a strange combination of spaces and walls and which we, in our barbarous and short-sighted fashion are unable to decode (see the 16 segments of the building's foundation structure). He also considers the root-system of the city to be quite visible, as is the stone egg hidden there, which to this day waits under the ruins, ready to pulsate and able, with the right series of signals, to connect with its distant creators. Kawanishi places the origin of the one-time spaceship as the constellation known as the Triangulum Nordicum. The construction is divided into three parts, and its root system, earthly sphere and the architectural element christened the stone bubble continue to conceal from us much information which according to Kawanishi is manifested in certain signs in the City's pictography...
Some connect the shape of the ruins with the embroidered shepherd's cloak divisible into 16 parts, in this way relating it with certain Buryat-Mongol shamanistic features.
However, its only relative is the Great Wall, which in our case takes the shape of a spiral...