The Finds

The only group of finds which can be proven not to have been unearthed among the ruins of the Growing City.
Common grave furniture of the Growing City. It appears probable as being connected with the wake of and wailing for the dead.
Vague references to the Stone Man, which today we cannot unravel, appear again and again among the inscriptions on each memorial.
It is likely that what we are facing is a number of small versions of an enormous idol, now destroyed, which stood in the hall called the 'Hall of the Brain-Egg'.
These vessels are not related to the idea of travel. Their creators' hands were not guided by some submerged "desire of Voyages" or "desire of sailing".
The games of the Growing City are not without a certain meditative function. Commencement of the games can be compared with and is reminiscent of various stages of the Japanese...
An intelligent man's head out of black ceramics looking at a labyrinth. Its origin can probably be traced back to the foundation of the City.
"One of the statues depicting a building excavated today is a pottery cultic model of a building, greyish black in colour with..."
Certain researchers believe that the scroll form was basically employed to protect the secret element of the message,...