From the Takud-Bar Dossier

"All that my workers noticed was that at the rock face of the Halfa Wadi some stone slabs had turned away from the cliff, making strange, buzzing sounds. It was with amazement that they discovered the various drawings upon them."
From the diary of S. J. Robin (dated 1912)

The large photographs discovered on the southern slopes of Takud-Bar in the course of road construction occasioned some consternation in scientific circles. Some academics suspected them of being some common hoax. The Lyon University professor of orientalism Dr. Bernard Roux held the finds to be vulgar machination and urged every serious colleague to employ thorough scientific investigation.
Others (among others Schulteis and Garbieau) could only able to handle the depictions on the stone slabs as the visual manifestation of some higher will. Maybe this is why they attempted to make a connection between certain of the photos and biblical characters and stories. This is how there came to be mention of "some depictions of prophets" and the materialisation of the Book of Judges, primarily in the popular press. Some physicists risked making the assumption according to which our world occasionally behaved like a gigantic camera obscura.
As to the creation of the stone slabs, maybe most pertinently the musings of Kowalski-Segner enlighten us, which he muttered to those pestering him in his Wolfenbüttel home:
– Perhaps just this once one should keep silent.

Only a few excerpts from letters betray the later fate of the slabs:
"In accordance with Your wishes, in Scodra we transferred the chests from His Majesty's Embassy to wagons. Some of the chests broke open due to the negligence of the team leader. In the shower that suddenly attacked us some of the paintings disappeared or were ruined beyond recognition."
O. Günsberger's letter to Vincenza from 1920

"I entreat you not to experiment with any chemicals on the pictures, as the consequences are incalculable…"
Rev. Archer's letter from 1952
Finds from Takud-Bar