Ground plan of the Growing City

Satellite picture of the Growing City | 1980
Ground plan of the Growing City based upon archaeological excavations
1. Ornamental garden (Garden of the Silver Lilies)
2. The Great Hall (chambers of encounters with ourselves)
3. Baths
4. Cisterns
5. Assembly Square
6. The niches of remembrance and death
7. Prophets' cells (House of the Future)
8. Hospital (House of Healing)
9. Judges' chambers (House of Laws)
10. Children's house
11. House of the Horse Demon
12. Bazaar
13. Traders' halls
14. Money-lenders' niches
15. Archers' workshop
16. Weapon-smiths' workshop
17. Butchers' Hall
18. Granary
19. Saddle-makers' workshop
20. Stalls
21. Library
21. Mint
23. Travellers' rest-home
24. Lepers' hospital (Black House) z)
Aerial photograph of the Growing City, 1918
Ground plan of the Growing City