Stevan "Sadeye" Sayatovich


He was born in the picturesque town of F. in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, in the so-called Ledina (part of the city inhabited by the Bosnians since the Turkish occupation. Viniculture, being the family ancient source of livelyhood occupied his life since early childhood. His family supplied the wellknown Inns of the city) The Black Eagle, Buffalo Bull Inns, Inn to the Merry Cricket) with the well-liked wine of Upper-Gyükes.
The phyloxera of 1895. destroyed the best part of the family vineyard, so the family was forced to find a new livelihood and even a new way of life from one day to another.
As many of his fellow-countrymen at that time, the young Shayatovich, leaves for America. For a long time he did the most menial jobs becoming in the meantime, by means of his keen linquistic talents, more and more familiar with the ,,asphaltjungle" of Manhatten His sudden prosperity is however, until this day, a mistery to the biographer. Some of his comments, his anecdotes, intimate a connection with members of the Cosa Nostra (later Maffia) by way of Dalmatian aquaintances. The succesfully started book-making office adventure ends up in a spectacular bankruptcy. The dead end cleaning man job in New Yorks Cohen Institut, brings up the unexpected chance. By chance he listenes into a lecture held by Samuel J. Robin on the excavations of the Growing City. The eccentric scientist, who has just been abandoned by his next assistants, finds an unexpected sign in the selfoffering Shayatovich. From then on their fate becomes finally united and they devote their life to the excavations of the Growing City.
Among the Emmigrants deck on their Way to Long Island
(Stevan Sayatovich is third from left)
Helmsman and Steward of the Cosulich Line
(Believed to have been of the Cosa Nostra)
Sayatovich successful winter in New Yorkban.

Shayatovich is far from being a Sancho Pansa figure in this connection, since by way of experience he is able to orientate himself with amazing selfassurance in the seemingly inpenetrable jungle of findings of the Growing City. In many cases he leads the diggings since his master is tormented by the malaria acquired through the long years spent in swampy environments. His knowledge of languages and his instinctive abilities of leadership help him establish a succesful relationship with the local workers on the excavation.
He seems to feel the coming death of Samuel J. Robin, so he sorts and packs the findings with feverish haste. The disadvantagious winds of local wars affect the atmosphere surrounding our peculiar couple. The mountain dwellers, who until now proved to be friendly and helpful, disappear from time to time and leave the excavations, thus hindering the work. At the same time, more and more often gunfire can be heard from the surrounding hills.
The unexpected accident, when Samuel J. Robin meet his deadly fate under the sliping rock just crowns the tragedy. After a hasty burial ceremony, the grief-stricken Shayatovich, as if carrying out his masters will, takes upon himself to rescue the accomplishments of his master from the fearful mountains.
The elderly Sayatovich among the Ruins of the Growing City
Excavation of the Prophets' House
(the Doctor to left and Sayatovich to right)