The Explorers

Born in town of S. during the Astro-Hungarian Empire. His talent were obvious from very early age. In the busy environment of his fathers bakery his inquisitiveness was realised in a study of classic and modern lanquage and civilisations.
He was born in the picturesque town of F. in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, in the so-called Ledina. Viniculture, being the family ancient source of livelyhood occupied his life since early childhood. His family supplied the wellknown Inns of the city.
His cradle, like that of S. J. Robin, was rocked in a small township in the Carpathian Basin. His father spent a considerable amount of the income from his textile factory on supporting the arts. Alphonse Mucha was a frequent guest in their home on his return from Paris...
He led the anthropological investigations related to the Growing City and was one of the first to process the City's finds. He established original anthropological theories on examining the anthropological ratios of the region's later population, which stirred up numerous storms in academic circles.
They flee to Paris early in life, away from the crossfire between the Sunday lunch and the kitchen range as well as the incomprehensible strictness of their postal officer of a father. First they live a hand-to-mouth existence in domestic service, later becoming known as models in the art world.